Quick Definition:

The entire team is eligible to contribute in this seven minute ladder. The goal here is total weight lifted. The entire team’s total determines the win. Every rep counts, and speed is just as important as strength.
The Ladder is one of my personal favs. Yes I love heavy, but I also like how different this style ladder is than a traditional ladder. Each lift is so important to add to the total, yet you HAVE to move fast. It forces players to toe that line of failure in the higher lifts and its such a mental game.

1. Don’t set up forever

Some of you (you know who you are) will make faces, stomp around, and twerk for the better part of a minute before you begin a lift. (I might do this sometimes… ) In this race if you do that you are wasting time a teammate could be lifting. Finding a balance between speed and being ready to lift is key.

2. Set ego aside

If you are strong, you are going to be drawn to the heavy bars. Just remember, 2 bars at a lighter weight is often more valuable than one bar at a heavier weight…. and exponentially more valuable than a missed lift because you went too heavy. Be strategic.


Even pros do this at times and it chaps my a**. I don’t care if you just missed a lift you thought you could hit and are bummed out. RUN off the GRID. If you mosey off, like a Sunday afternoon stroll, you are killing your teammates chance to lift, and you are being a bad teammate. Move fast. Don’t be selfish.
This can be a very humbling race. Which means it builds character. As with many things in athletics, this is every bit as mental as it is physical. If you don’t have the right plan and mindset, you will fail. I don’t care how strong you are.






By Nicole Capurso