This is it: The race that decides it all. Only the top two teams from each division make it to this race, and it can be the difference maker.

This race is truly set up as a relay. There are six elements that need to be completed, and each athlete must FINISH one element. What this means is that the athlete who starts the element does not have to finish it, but every player must complete the last rep of one element.

There is only one athlete on the GRID at a time. An athlete on the GRID can sub in any athlete at any time UNLESS they have just completed the last rep of an element.

When an athlete finishes an element (by completing the last rep) that athlete runs back to the start line, completes a 4 point touch behind the start line, then sprints to the finish line. Once they cross the line, they are done for the race.

Here’s the Sprint Relay from the AAA division of GRID 6 Fort Myers down in Florida. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Sprint relay to decide the champion of the AAA division. "Shrug life" vs "CrossFit teens". Epic finish.Competition surface provided by Specialized Fitness Resources

Posted by FGL – Florida Grid League on Sunday, August 7, 2016


Ready for your turn? GRID 6 Philadelphia is coming up on October 20th – so grab some teammates and get registered!