A –

14 Kb Snatch (70#)
8 Muscle ups
Handstand Walk (length of GRID)
10 Hang Cleans (125#)
14 Burpee Box Jump Over (30″)
5 Cleans (285#)

AA –

10 Kb Snatch (70#)
5 Muscle Ups
OH Walking Lunge (95#, length of the GRID)
12 Burpee Box Jump Over (30″)
5 Deficit HSPU (10″)
5 Clean (235#)


10 Kb Snatch (50#)
12 Toes through Rings
OH Walking Lunge (75#, length of the GRID)
12 Burpee Box Jump Over (24″)
5 Clean (175#)

Race rules.

There are 6 elements that make up the race. Each athlete must FINISH one element.

There is only one athlete on the GRID at a time. An athlete on the GRID can sub in any athlete at any time UNLESS they have just completed the last rep of an element.

When an athlete finishes an element (by completing the last rep) that athlete MUST run to the start line, complete a 4 point touch behind the start line, then sprint to the finish line. Once that athlete crosses the finish line they MAY NOT re-enter the GRID.

The only elements that do not require a sprint to the start line to finish the element are the distance related elements (i.e. handstand walk or in this case, the farmers carry). Once the performing athlete crosses the finish line, the next athlete may enter.

The race is over when the last athlete has completed the last element, sprints to the start, then sprints to the finish and crosses the finish line.

Example Video: These are the pros – this is a different version of this race.



Movement standards will be discussed just before the race. No surprises.

GOOD LUCK. We are beyond excited to bring you our favorite sport. As always email us with any questions – team@eastgridleague.com