A – (60) Pull-up, (30) Double Touch, (10) Triple Touch

AA – (50) Pull-up, (30) Chest to Bar Pull-up, (20) Double Touch

AAA – (25) Knee Raises, (25) Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups, (35) Toes to Bar, (35) Pull-up


Race rules.

One male and one female will enter the GRID at the start of the race.  Either male or female may begin first.  There is only one male and one female allowed on the GRID at a time.  

At each ‘station,’ the total number of reps must be completed at the station, the male and female do not need to perform the same amount of reps. In other words, work per station may be split up however.  The only rule is that each station must reach the given amount of reps assigned.  

Players may begin performing reps at the next station, but reps will not count until the previous station is complete.   

Time stops when both working male and female complete the final station and cross the finish line.    

Example Video: 

Note:  The movements are different, but the general race rules are the same.