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The FGL searches out other entrepreneurs who
• have top quality products or services.
• provide value and benefit to GRID participants.
• make a difference in the athletic community.
• fulfill high FGL expectations


Based on extensive research, conversation, and trial, we recommend these products


Safety and professionalism are extremely important for our competitor experience at the FGL. When we started talking to Specialized Fitness Resources, we knew they were a great fit to help us uphold both of these very import aspects of what we do. We know the quality of product and the reliable service of Specialized will always be up to our standards. The field of play is the single most important aspect of our sport and we trust them to be the basis of it.

In addition, we are excited about the opportunity to partner with a company within our home state. We value the in person handshake and accountability as well as keeping our business within our community.

Specialized owner Ozzie Lopez says “We see GRID as a new and exciting sport that is really a combination of so many aspects of fitness that we work with every day. CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman… we love them all and work with them all so its the perfect sport to partner with.”

Ozzie will be at the GRID 6 Series event so swing by and check out the latest and best flooring products for any athletic gym or event. Be sure to follow them on FB to keep up with the latest from their company.


If you haven’t heard of our new sponsor yet, it’s time you try it.  Operations Manager Ruby George has been using Athletic Greens for years during intense travel periods, or just when getting quality nutrients was more difficult than usual.

We care deeply about our health and yours too, so we feel very confident in recommending this product.   

The best part about this magic green powder?  It actually tastes good (we promise).  

Visit the link to purchase your new favorite supplement http://www.athleticgreens.com/thefgl



If you’ve attended one of our events you have probably had a chance to try these bars and believe us when we say, they truly are the best ever!  We tried them early on and they were so delicious we knew we wanted to work with the product, but in doing our due diligence we found even more reasons to like them:

Balanced Macros – they are one of the only bars we’ve found that aren’t super carb heavy, or loaded with sweeteners (natural or otherwise).  Proper nutrition is a huge part of the FGL management team’s lives, and so we think it’s important to promote as much as we can.

fresh-foodFull Meal Replacement – This is the only bar we have ever tried that literally can act as a meal, or at the least keep you satiated for a while until you get to your next meal.

Real Food – The reason Best Bar Ever should be refrigerated is the same reason your veggies, eggs and butter are best in the fridge…they are made from real food.


As part of our partnership, we are excited to offer you an exclusive discount.  

To SAVE 15% off your order by CLICK HERE and enter FGL in the discount box at checkout.  

Additionally, you can receive FREE SHIPPING if you order 3 boxes or more.  

NOTE:  SAVE 15% on all future orders by joining The Bar Club (a convenient auto-ship option that sends you fresh bars every month)!

Wholesale Program

If you are interested in selling these bars at your gym, email us at info@thefgl.com and enter “Best Bar Ever” in the subject line.


When looking for a jump rope sponsor we kept hearing the same name recommended to us: Mil-spec.  They have a reputation for quality, so that perked our interest.

Then they created this sweet, custom FGL rope for us and we rejoiced.  In addition they are a veteran owned small business which we love to support.

Check them out and note that you’d like the FGL custom rope exclusively available to our audience.  We can’t wait to see them on the GRID.

If you need more reasons, Miami Surge captain Jenn Jones Astle highly recommends these ropes:

“I love my MilSpec rope! from customized colors to the ease and speed that I can double and triple under. Best rope on the market!”

— Jenn Jones Astle, Professional GRID Athlete


We could not recommend this product more.

The Gym Next timer system is the easiest timer we have ever used, and for our complicated needs, that says a lot. Whether setting up races and heats for GRID 6, or an entire match for the FGL season, we are able to note the amount heats, different rest times and different working times – set it up once and then forget it.  This timer is one major reason we are able to stay on schedule through entire GRID 6 weekends, but when we need to pause for some reason that is simple as well…just hit pause, and then play when you’re ready.


It’s safe to say our Operations Manager Ruby loves this timer.

The thing that sets this timer apart the most is the lack of a remote – everything is controlled from an app on your phone, Applewatch or Pebble, so any coach or member in your gym has access to the clock, just by being in range.

We found the app very simple and intuitive to use, and very responsive as well.  You can also link two timers together, which is great for a competition setting or a very large gym.

All of that is great, but not even the best part!  The Gym Next app is also an integrated Heart Rate monitoring system, easily integrated with chest strap or wrist bluetooth monitors.  This means you can set it up to track your heart rate throughout your workout, reach your target zone sooner and then stay within that zone for longer.

The app itself is in constant development and other features that are in the works are reporting, sharing workouts, and workout tracking.

Over 1,300 gyms across North America use this timer and since the device itself runs off of the app, any updates that are made are yours without upgrading the equipment itself.  It really is a no-brainer.


Gym Next has a gym version and a home gym version that differs in size but not functionality.  Check out their website.

FGL Discount

Order at GymNext Shop and use FGL5off at checkout for a discount on your order.  We know you won’t be disappointed.