This article was written by Nicole Capurso, who is the League Ambassador for our sister league, the Florida Grid League. She was also a member of the Miami Surge, the pro NPGL team from Florida.

August 13, 2016 NPGL media day

August 13, 2016 NPGL media day

It seems like lately most people look to compete as individuals in fitness. I upped my team game in 2016, by making the switch to team for Regionals and ending up in the CrossFit Games, in addition to my time on the Surge and playing basketball. I think often people forget why they think so nostalgically about their time on a team in school, or even little league.

GRID has the feel of a true team sport because there are more players involved, and each player has more of a specific role that much be strategically implemented with the rest of the team’s strengths. Here are a few reasons I love to be on a team and how GRID is an amazing opportunity to experience all of them.

Teammates hold you accountable.

It’s a lot tougher to skip or dog it during a practice or a training session when you have a teammate sure to hit you with half kidding, half pissed comments/texts calling you out. Even more than that, you don’t want to let your teammates down much more than you don’t want to let yourself down. The motivation to work hard, perform your best, and give everything you have for your team is like no motivation you can conjure up on your own.

A team bond is literally like a family bond.

When you are on a team with someone, it changes your relationship with them in a very special way. I have seen enemies become besties, acquaintances become family, and life changing relationships grow just from being teammates.

DENSITY. 🏅 I will write something on each of my teammates this week, and our team as a whole. But this morning I needed to dedicate a post to my big, annoying brother @coppolakilo. This guy has not let up, for years now… but especially for the past 7 months when we agreed on the dream and the plan. I trusted him and @coppolagram to take me in, help me move across country, take me on staff and team, and put up with me – something that isn’t always easy. Although this has been incredibly fun, if you’ve been around Marco and I we argue and bicker like actual siblings sometimes to the point of real frustration. We really don’t see eye to eye on anything (besides food) and even if we do we find a way to argue about it (like true Italians). However, deep down I never lost trust in our plan, in our system. I have learned so much from each of my teammates, but I’m not sure there is enough words to explain what I’ve learned from Fatty. Strength, leadership, mental fortitude, discipline, aggression, and a relentless approach to a dream is a daily thing amongst our team – lead by him. If you really want to accomplish something, you’re going to earn it every single day. In the corral before each workout, I would visualize game plan and my role, pray, then look at each of my teammates and dedicate a thought to them. Everytime I got to Fatty all I could think was “Send your brother to Carson.” There was no other option. Thank You Marco. With your help, I earned a GOLD medal on my neck that holds a lot more meaning than anyone can understand. #onedayoffeelings #TEAMDENSITY #firstplace #thehypeisreal #timetodance #massmovesmass #dayoftheDENSE #honoryourgifts 📸 – @photobyjurassic

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I still keep in touch with many of my girls from Hofstra almost 10 years later.

Shared experience is always better.

It’s the same reason when you accomplish something as an individual, the first thing you do is hug your coach or loved ones that have supported you to get there. It’s in our nature to share accomplishments with others. Winning together is more fun than winning alone. Also, a tough loss is a little bit easier when you have someone next to you feeling the exact same feeling and knowing exactly what you are going through.

It forces you to think from other perspectives.

Teammates rarely think alike. Usually teammates have different body types, training programs, nutrition programs, backgrounds, ethnicities, thought processes, personalities, etc. Close collaboration with this type of variety helps expose you to different ways of thinking, or doing things, that you might never have been exposed to otherwise.

There is a built in support system.

Your team is always eager to help make you better and vise versa. Not just because you care about one another, but because it’s also in each other’s best interest to help, teach, give advise, encourage, listen to and all around support growth and progress. What could be healthier than that?

GRID is an amazing sport because by it’s nature it embodies all of these characteristics I love about being on a team. That is easily my favorite part and one of the big reasons why I want to encourage others to try playing GRID. Being on a team is something special that everyone should at least try… and if you have been on a team, then you know what I mean.

Learn more about playing GRID with the FGL through the GRID 6 Series, or the FGL Season


– Nicole Capurso

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