Philadelphia II

December 7th, 2019


Requisite Fitness

3500 Scotts Lane, Ste. 215, Philadelphia PA 19129


 Here are the highlights:

– Each division will complete all races as a separate group (AAA, then AA, then A)

– Time commitment will be up to 5 hours total

– 15 – 45 minutes between each race, depending on how many teams in each division

– Limited number of team spots available in each division

The day will be a mix between a typical competition and a true GRID match with head to head racing. Over the time that your division is playing, you’ll be competing in up to 8 races. Once your division is complete, you can relax and stick around to watch the other divisions, and party with your new GRID friends!


Remember the Moments

If you like having photos to remember the sweat, the high fives, the success of competition, you don’t want to miss out on this deal. For as low as $25 you can be guaranteed quality photos of you to use however you’d like.

CrossFit, fitness and dance Photographer Kay Wiese is traveling down from her day job as CrossFit Invictus Boston coach and photographer to capture the moments for GRID 6 Philly.  She is offering photo packages at incredibly low prices for the caliber of professional she is, so we highly recommend taking advantage!  (All proceeds go directly to Kay, the EGL does not take a percentage)

** Packages will be available day-of, however pre-sales will receive special consideration during the event.  Don’t wait! *

To Purchase:

Team Photo Packages ($150 / $25 per person) this is an insanely good deal!

Individual Photo Package ($30 per person)