Team – Smack my A** and Call Me Squatty

Division A



Zack T. @zacktrolley  Bodyweight Specialist – New York
Brandon J. @btyah   Strength Specialist – Philly
Collin G. @on3s3xyturtl3  Generalist – Pennsylvania


Carissa M. @cmackers  Bodyweight Specialist – New Jersey
Casey B. Strength Specialist – Virginia
Becca N. @believingnathan Generalist – Pennsylvania


Most of this group of individuals has never met, but the enthusiasm for GRID is real among all of them.  In fact, when they needed an additional strength specialist for their team, Casey answered the call by planning a trip all the way from Virginia.

While some players are new to the sport of GRID, others have some experience.  Zack is known for winning an NPGL combine test in 2016 – 50 Double Unders and 20 Push Press at 115#.  

When asked what they are most excited about playing in GRID 6 the team says:


I am excited for GRID 6 mainly to get back on the GRID and race. After having the chance to compete with teams in the Mid-Atlantic Grid League and North East Grid League, I can say that there is no other team fitness competition that compares to the energy you get stepping onto that floor, and giving everything you have to make it to the finish first.



I’m excited for the feeling that comes with knowing you have a team behind you and depending on you to perform at your best. Having that kind of support in a competitive situation like that usually leads to performing beyond what you thought you were capable of.


Becca & Collin:

Yesterday we were six strangers with a common interest: fitness. Tomorrow we will be a team of diverse fitness enthusiasts working on our GRID finesse – sharing laughs, encouraging each other and building friendships. “Smack My A** and Call Me Squatty” is here to play!



I am so pumped for GRID 6! I love meeting new people and competing! What I love most about GRID is that you’re accepted for your strengths and whatever weakness you have, your teammate is there to help. I’m excited to meet my team! Although we haven’t met before the competition, I know that once we get in the zone during the match, it’ll feel like we have known and competed with each other for years.



You can follow along with the team’s progress practicing movements like the double and triple touch, the Thruster ladder, and their other specialties at their Instagram handles above.

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