Quick Definition:

Players work as a team in a full sprint across the GRID. Thirty seconds later, they do it all over again as a separate race. Though simple the first time through, these races require solid strategy to be successful twice in a row. Substitutions and quick transitions are the keys to the fastest times.
The Echoes are tackling the same race twice, in quick succession, as effectively as possible. There are a few ways to approach maximizing speed at this race.

1. Be smart in your assignments

This is a great race to allow those specialists to shine! Strategically assigning the movements to the team members is the fun part! That said, one the second version of this race, you may want to consider re-arranging the assignments. If the second sets get too spicy you may slow down, or blow a muscle group out for a later race. This leads to the next point…

2. Don’t approach failure in your first race sets

If you do it will burn you out for the next version of the race, ESPECIALLY if you are assigned to the same movement again. In addition, the closer you get to failure/red line, the slower you go. In the second race sets, you could affect later races if you approach failure. Of course, every team is unique so you do what you have to do to get through the race… but these are just goals to shoot for.

3. Train recovery

Why not throw in some bigger set EMOMs between now and the comp? They are a good way to mix up training anyway and will help train that recovery for this race… and most others.

4. GRID basics

Move fast, quick transitions, reps are always being accumulated, communicate on the end of a set, have a plan, etc. These apply in most races, but I will keep drilling it because it’s important!






By Nicole Capurso