Quick Definition:

Two players work simultaneously across two stations for each element on the Grid. Substitutions can happen at any point, but each station must accumulate the full number of reps before anyone can move on. Teamwork and fast substitutions are required to win.”
This is the only race in GRID 6 where males and females split up. Its also the only race where pacing might be part
of the consideration.

1. You are only as fast as the other station.

If you go all out to finish your station, but the other has three reps left, its wasted effort. Go as fast as makes sense for both stations to finish quickly.


2. You may have to dig deep.

If you have a better engine on your team than others you may need to complete several elements in a row. This will tax you significantly so you may want to pace the early movements to allow sustained effort through the later movements.

3. The 4th quadrant is 75% of the race.

The strategy is all about having the freshest athletes and most concerted effort in the 4th quadrant. I have seen countless cases where the team to get to the 4th quadrant first loses because they were burned out.


4. Anyone can complete any station.

If a particular element fits right into the wheelhouse of one athlete but not so much for the other two… that athlete can work on both stations if you so choose. Remember, both stations of each element must be complete, though, before anyone can move on to the next.







By Nicole Capurso