About the EGL


Create the best sports experience to exist on this planet.


To provide the opportunity for anyone to participate in GRID how they choose, and to provide such an intense, exciting, and immersive competitive experience that it will leave them raving about the event after it’s over.

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We will accomplish our mission through:

  • The sport of GRID by its inherent nature
  • Safe, fun and challenging race formats
  • Fair and efficiently run day-of competition
  • Intense and exciting competitive environment
  • Opportunity to bond with your team and community like never before
  • Consultation on format and experience from pro GRID athletes
  • Constant testing and development of structure and format

In addition to the competitive aspect of the sport, we want to create an event experience not found elsewhere in typical functional fitness formats.

  • Exciting and intense spectator experience
  • The most sought after retail brands in the functional fitness world
  • An enlightened retail experience not found at most fitness competitions
  • Unique, forward thinking, and custom developed EGL apparel
  • Talented and professional media specialists there to capture your experience to remember

Finally, we want to have a positive impact on society through competition and sport.

  • Supporting the development of equal inclusion of men and women together in team sports.
  • Another outlet to support the fitness movement in a competitive team sport.
  • An opportunity to contribute toward a stronger society through development of hard work, communication, support and acceptance through teamwork and sports.

Yes, we set the bar high.

We want you to know where our head is, what we strive for, and what you should expect us to think. If you have ideas on how we can better reach our goals, or ways that we screwed it up for you, please contact us.

We will work tirelessly to ensure everyone that interacts with what we provide walks away feeling they had an amazing experience with us. That will not always happen, we know things will come up that need to be addressed, but we will always do whatever we can to make it right.

That is simply who we are and what we believe.


EGL Management Team

The long-term owner of Requisite Fitness and CrossFit 215 in East Falls, Philadelphia, Micah Macbeth has plenty of event production experience. As a co-owner of the NPGL’s Miami Surge, Micah also brings plenty of GRID experience as well. He is extremely excited to bring the sport to the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Micah Macbeth

Director of Competition